Emtexglobal makes outsourcing and quality control hassle-free with our established systems of material inspection, manufacturing supervision and on-time shipping and delivery. We provide your team an end-to-end solution.

We’ll even handle the entire import process.

Emtexglobal’s wide network of overseas manufacturing plants makes it possible for us to supply finished commodity items packaged for sale or subcomponents to increase the efficiency of your domestic manufacturing. Our component sourcing partners continue to provide the footwear industry the highest quality and most creative products such as Woven labels, stuffed labels, one-piece uppers, jacquard prints, eyelets, hooks, buckles, d-rings and more.

Our long-standing relationships give us extensive presence in the entire Pacific Rim throughout the process of materials inspection, manufacturing supervision, and on-time shipping and delivery monitoring.

We have warehouses strategically located across the globe to maximize the benefits we offer our customers.

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