Engineered materials from Emtexglobal offer manufacturers a wide range of performance characteristics beyond footwear that include strength, permeability, formability, moisture resistance, fire retardancy and other enhancements.

Automotive applications

Sporting goods and activewear

Police and fire applications

Orthopedic braces and other demanding
materials applications

We work closely with converting partners in the United States and Asia to develop materials packages that outperform most other options available to small and medium sized manufacturing operations.

With our converting partners, we are able to coat and laminate many different fabric and foam products to include:

  • Moldability
  • Heat-activated adhesion
  • Pressure sensitive adhesion and other performance characteristics

Our 75 years of experience in laminations, adhesives, and coatings — combined with both fabric and non-woven substrates — positions us to be an effective innovator in new product development while creating cost effective alternatives to meet the new global manufacturing strategies.

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