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Snakeguard Extreme from Emtexglobal

A truly innovative material for active outdoor footwear. This proprietary laminated fabric combines the unique properties of flexibility, light weight, and puncture resistance.

Snakeguard Extreme is so strong and flexible that it can be made into a bootie (for total protection) and used as the primary upper material in boot construction, reducing manufacturing time and eliminating other material costs.

Ultimate Protection and Comfort

Perfect or Hunters, Linemen, Postmen, Oilfield Workers, Geologists and others who spend time in snake country.

Call 978-907-4500 or email Dan White for samples and test data.

Snakehandler Approved
Snakeguard Extreme has undergone extensive laboratory testing and then finally worn by a professional snake handler and subjected to the ultimate test—repeated strikes by a real snake.

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