75 years running footwear

For over 75 years Emtexglobal has been a leader in custom laminations, coatings and material sourcing.

We partner with our customers to develop the most economical and cost effective solutions to their lamination and fabric needs.

We strive to supply our customers with quality laminations for a variety of end uses. Along with on time delivery of first quality materials and superior customer service that separates us from the competition.

We use our over 75 years of experience in textiles to purchase components and raw materials at the best price possible and pass along those savings to the customer.

We have warehouses strategically located throughout the globe to maximize the benefits we offer our customers.

Emtexglobal is also a very strong representative of our Asia partners with all the major brands.

Emtexglobal has built a strong support system to enable our Asia partners to maximize their businesses in the USA by relying on Emtexglobal great relationships, superior service and product know how while reducing partners travel.

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